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Writing Ghost 2.0 is now available

Posted on : 30-10-2010 | By : admin | In : Releases, Software Development



Join the hundreds of people who downloaded version 1.1, now with a much improved version 2.0. Protect your writings from plagiarism now and allow the transmission of your works without it being edited or copy and pasted.

Version 2.0 also has a spell checker, find and replace and generally better editor and more secure saving system that can still load v1.1 files. Step-by-step we are working towards making a better FREE alternative to other text editors.

Writing Ghost 2.0 editor mode



Writing Ghost 2.0 (again)

Posted on : 29-10-2010 | By : admin | In : Updates



I know the release of the beta for Writing Ghost 2.0 keeps getting delayed but hopefully within the next few days a temporary fix should be added that will allow the beta version to begin. (Of course this will be fixed for the final version).

Software renderer from scratch

Posted on : 18-10-2010 | By : admin | In : Software Development



I am currently writing a software renderer from scratch it will load 3d model files and handle all the 3d calculations for drawing such 3D models on the screen. I am doing this myself in windows API so no directX or anything like that (I even wrote my own matrix classes even though there is one built into GDI+)

By the end of this, I will have a 3d model fully lit and textured and it will have many other great features that computer games etc will have had done for them.

So far I have achieved all of the main calculations, I have a wireframe mesh of a 3d model on the screen (rotating of course) , you can also at the moment move the camera around like in a FPS. Next stop will be to get flat shading and basic lighting etc.

(I did not create the model used in this image, I would give credit to its creator but I can’t remember the website I got it from, I simply just created the wireframe and the transformations and camera view)

When all of this has been completed, which will be about Christmas time I will release the entire thing including all the source code in Free Code blog, (however i may change my mind, but I’ll do my best)!