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Writing Ghost – Code Perfect

Posted on : 28-11-2010 | By : admin | In : Updates



SeeCodeNotGames are trying out a new software product to go with our Writing Ghost software programs. The program is called Code Perfect and is a code editor for Writing Ghost.

You will be able to edit code like you can in other programs with keyword colouring and there may also be a simple code checker, it can then also save as a Writing Ghost project so now programmers and coders can share their latest code so others can read it without being able to copy and paste it.

Suitable for tutorials where it would encourage people to learn through typing it out themselves, rather than copying it in one.

The final version of this won’t be around for a while, it may end up being in the full version of 2.0 or maybe not until later.

EDIT – (30 /07 /12) – This software program still works and the code will be embedded into Writing Ghost the next version but will not be active until possibly in the future.

Software renderer part 2

Posted on : 02-11-2010 | By : admin | In : Software Development



Previously you may have seen my software renderer with a flat wireframe model that didn’t look that amazing, but now i have the beginnings of lighting, here is a screenshot of what i have done since then. I will continue to update this blog with updates and then include one big blog when the project is complete and looks perfect. (probably just before Christmas).