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Building website with a better style

Posted on : 20-11-2012 | By : admin | In : Website Updates


I have started work on building up a better style for the SeeCodeNotGames website and also generally for the Secoden CMS.
Some features that previously worked may be temporarily disabled or not working the way they did before, these will all be resolved in time. (Certainly by the time Writing Ghost 2.1 is released as it uses the CMS for the store).

BioRift – Our zombie game update

Posted on : 16-11-2012 | By : admin | In : Game Development



Hello, I’ve been working on a video game called BioRift for the last few weeks. BioRift is a zombie game where instead of shooting the undead in the face with pump-action shotguns you slow them down long enough to escape and complete puzzles. There are four pieces of equipment available to the main character: A portal glove which shoot time travelling portals, a gravity device allowing the player to pull and push objects around the rooms, an energizer which grants temporary electrical power to lights to illuminate a room otherwise darkened by power failure and finally a standard issue M16 assault rifle.

Here are some screenshots of the blockout, note they have no textures yet:

Server Room:
Server room