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Posted on : 02-04-2014 | By : admin | In : Software Development



As part of my dissertation (and final) project whilst at university I have been making modification to a relational database management system called Rel, originally written by Dave Voorhis, and extended by many people. Rel was created as a way of teaching and researching relational database theory, I have made several enhancements to the system. Rev is a visual query system for Rel which allows the user to build and modify databases using visual query elements.

The original software can be downloaded Here
(I had no involvement in this version, this is how it was when I started development).
The current software can be downloaded Here
(I cannot detail how to use it)

Installation instructions:

You’ll need JDK or JRE to run
Just double click Rev.jar and everything should work by itself
Type “java -jar Rev.jar” into the console terminal (without quotes)

Here is a set a screenshots from the software program.


A series of connected visualisers representing relvars (similar to database tables), projection, restriction and order operators.







The tuples editor. Tuple is another name for row or record, basically each tuple represents a unique set of values in a database table, Rev supports grouped relations with multiple sub tuples.

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